For the Protection of Water


“The Environment, its protection and the management of the natural resources, not only through legislation but also in our daily lives, are primary goals of Part of the Solution. Nothing can exist without an outmost respect and protection of Nature.

Privatising natural resources and most specifically water, can be considered rather problematic, especially if we take into consideration its importance for both humans and the nature. According to international researches, previous attempts of privatisation not only failed but had disastrous consequences for the societies they were implemented.

In this context, and in collaboration with SaveGreekWater, we created the “Something’s Up With the Water” Campaign. Its main goal is to raise awareness and inform people about the negative consequences of a possible privatization. Moreover, we aim to encourage involvement using tools that promote active participation such as referendums, on-line debate, collection of signatures etc.

From the official webpage of SaveGreekWater:

In Greece there has been no previous reference, however, international experience has showed that the consequences of the privatization of water are everywhere the same, including the dramatic increase of its price along with deterioration of its quality. It is also rather common, that incidents such as tax evasion, secret deals for mega-profits, broken promises for investments, limited maintenance of infrastructure and pollution of water resources are part of the deal.

Even though that in the rest of Europe, the re-claim of the water companies by the Municipalities or the States themselves is an increasing trend -especially after all the issues previously mentioned-, in Greece, the State still perceives water privatisation as “progress” and “growth”.

No matter the results of the referendum of May 2014 in Thessaloniki, the European right2water initiative or any other form of expression against the privatisation held by Greek citizens, the Greek Government insists to include the two big public water companies of Athens and Thessaloniki in their plans for privatization, regardless the fact the State Council has identified any such attempt as anti-constitutional (decision 1906/2014).

Non privatisation of water is far and foremost an issue of democracy. If we cannot control our water, can we really control anything at all?

The “SaveGreekWater” initiative for the non-privatization of Greek water was formed in July 2012 as an attempt to raise awareness, inform and connect entities and people who were skeptical handing over to a private company a public good so vital for their own survival, let alone of animals and plants. “SaveGreekWater” claims no affiliation to any political party, receives no funding and participation in it is voluntary and it is open to all those who share the common belief that water should be a good accessible to all.