Who And Why

An informal group of artists, cinematographers, film technicians and friends who had the desire to make use of our professions in a way that would also contribute to bringing forward a situation which is quite often undermined or distorted in the public discourse.

The web spots were produced without any financial support by companies, NGOs, institutions, and other organizations. They were created in response to a call to speak about refugees in a different way, as people who can stand on their feet, self-organize, and lead their lives down the path they choose.

This is a website that speaks about the causes of people’s displacement and summarizes some of the thoughts, the readings and the discussions we had, which shaped this effort. Use it as a resources’ website which delves into the root causes of peoples’ movement, provides resources for further reading and lists ways/ locations and organizations where you can contribute to help refugees and migrants to make a call on their lives.